Leaseurope calls for EU-wide telematics policy

Leaseurope and a number of data and automotive bodies have called on the European Union to regulate for EU-wide telematics to allow the benefits of connected cars to be realised. I Bodies including the European Independent Data Publishers Association (ADPA), and the Alliance for the Freedom of Car Repair in the EU (AFCAR) made up a ‘stakeholder coalition' that joined Leaseurope at a policy lunch in Brussels on May 3rd.

The event was chaired by Ismail Ertug MEP, of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, and a member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism and Committee of Inquiry into Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector at the European Parliament. The coalition called for a ‘robust regulatory technical framework' for a digital in-vehicle telematics platform to create the European Digital Economy for mobility services. Leaseurope said: “Only in this way can fair competition, innovation and entrepreneurship, and freedom of consumer choice be safeguarded, so that competitive business models can evolve to provide the benefits around the ‘connected car' and the development of the digital economy.” Leaseurope argued that the way telematics systems were run presently was not conducive to an integrated digital economy involving connected cars. It said that telematics data operated in closed systems, going only to the relevant vehicle manufacturers, resulting in a reduced quality of data, and called for ‘full and fresh' access to allow service providers to compete.

Leaseurope added: “In the automotive aftermarket, operators and mobility-services providers need real-time access to today's connected vehicle and its data.“Speakers [said] that EU legislation is needed to ensure that new innovative and competitive data-based business models can develop to deliver consumer choice and innovation in the digital era.

Quelle: Timetric - Motor Finance News am 10.05.2017

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